Scott Talmage
Co-Founder – El Presidente y Jefe de la Sociedad de la Busqueda del Sasquatch

Scott does his best to wrangle the team at Endeavor. A Grandview Heights native, he is a graduate of The University of Colorado, Boulder. His time in Boulder formed his love for craft beer. Scott has lived abroad in both Scotland and Chile and has traveled extensively around the world. His passion for mountains, climbing, motorcylcing, and adventure travel, brings an edge to his vision of Endeavor Brewing.

Cameron Lloyd
Co-Founder –  Brewmeister and Chief Tank Spelunker

Cameron is the brewmaster for Endeavor Brewing. In 2012 he received his Brewmaster certification from Versuchs und Lehranstalt für Brauerei (VLB) in Berlin, Germany. He has gone on to work at breweries around the U.S. Cameron has piloted an airplane across the country, raced sportscars wheel-to-wheel, and made passage blue water sailing. He brings a passion for developing new beers by hybridizing techniques, flavors, and styles from his many travels and experiences.

Tyler Provo, MBA, PMP
Co-Founder – Digital Overlord and Hand of the King

Tyler is the master of all things digital at Endeavor. After graduating from Ohio State in 2012 where he performed in the marching band, he ventured into the beer world with a brewing and sensory apprenticeship at the lauded Moor Brewing Company in the United Kingdom in 2013. Since then he has continued to use his experience in the brewing and technology industries across the globe. An avid traveler, musician, and lover of all things nerdy, Tyler believes that great food and beer is what unites humanity – by bringing cultures together and celebrating diversity through a shared passion of flavors and experiences.