Great beer should reward your attention, not demand it.

The best beers should be a complimentary experience; enhancing your fulfillment of whatever activity you’re doing. At a barbecue or tailgate with friends, they spark conversation instead of forcing your attention on them. They offer depth, complexity, and precise execution when you look for it. When paired with food, they offer rich, complementary flavors without overwhelming your pallet. You can be satisfied after a snifter but continue to enjoy a few more pints.



Latin Lager 5.0%

Description: Inspired by mountaineering in Chile, unfiltered German pilsner, and tacos al pastor. An aroma of lime zest with flavors of sweet corn tortilla.


Hefeweizen 5.5%

Description: Inspired by Cameron’s tours of the hop fields of Bavaria and vineyards of the Rhineland. This Bavarian style wheat beer has rich banana, clove, and vanilla flavors and a subtle banana bread base.


Imperial IPA 10%

Description: Inspired by fond farewells dancing tango on a rooftop. A symphony of flavors – apricot, honey, and lime.


Cream Ale 4.96%

Description: Brewed in collaboration with the Nordecke supporters group, this ultra smooth ale tastes like corn pops and berries. Gonna take a lot to drag us away from this brew.

Icelandic Saga

Icelandic Style Ale 4.7%

Description: Inspired by Scott van camping around Iceland and watching the Northern Lights. Flavored with star anise and sage, and brewed with wheat and aromatic malts for an exclusive taste of Iceland.


Unfiltered IPA 6.5%

Description: Inspired by Tyler swimming naked with Sharks in Hawaii. Brewed with hops from three continents for tropical flavors of citrus, passion fruit, guava, strawberry, and melon.

Garten Gose

Gose – 5.5%

Description: Inspired by road tripping around Germany to drink regional beers in their native habitats. Refreshingly tart with coriander and sea salt.

Holy Ground

Export Stout 6%

Description: Inspired by Pat’s family pilgrimages to the old world – warming up after a wet and windy seaside hike. Coffee and dark chocolate flavors give way to earthy hops and a velvety nitro finish.

Campfire S’mores

Nitro Stout 4.7%

Description: Inspired by summer camp and family weekend getaways. Real chocolate and vanilla bean on top of a graham crackery and lightly smoky base beer.