“Beer and spirits are a global journey.”

-Scott Talmage

Our Story

Three friends sat around a fire pit, sipping whisky, and sharing stories of their favorite drinking experiences around the world. From South America, to England, and Germany they wanted to take the flavors they’d come to know and love in their travels, and share them with everyone.

They launched Endeavor Brewing and Spirits to share those wandering stories and authentic world flavors with you.

Our Mission

At Endeavor Brewstillery we craft the finest and most unique beverages we can guided by three key principles:

  • The best beverages reward attention, but don’t demand it.
  • Understand, respect, and realize the regional traditions that each style originates from.
  • Innovate new flavors through hybridizing styles and techniques.

Our Brewstillery

In 2020 Endeavor became central Ohio’s first Brewstillery. Distilling and aging spirits on site, we released our clear spirits – Rum, Botanical Gin, Dry Gin, and Vodka – in 2020, and our first aged spirits – Cask Rum, Cask Gin, Malt Whisky, and Bourbon – in 2022.

Our Taproom

The proof of our work is in the experience, and our taproom is the best place to enjoy and share that experience. Fresh beer on draft and a curated selection of seasonal cocktails allow our wonderful bar staff to showcase flavors. We are proud to offer a selection of tasty artisan snacks from local partners.